Newby here. I love this OS! I started with 5 and was real excited for the beta. Bad thing is I'm unable to install the real v6 on my system no matter what I do whether it be usb, dvd, sd card. In fact, I can't install anything else on it and don't want to throw away my computer. I am thoroughly stuck, please help. Thanks

  • I'm probably late in asking, but could you edit your question to include a bit more information, such as: (1) what brand and model of computer are you installing eOS onto? (2) which .iso did you download? (3) do any errors appear when you try to install the OS? If so, what are they? With this information, it may be possible to help you install eOS 6 onto your machine.
    – matigo
    Sep 29 at 4:57

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