Third party app icons (Discord, Steam, etc.) are not showing up in the tray portion of the top panel on Elementary OS 6 (Odin). Native icons like network, microphone, etc. work, just not third party indicators.

I believe an alternative was to use Lafydev's wingpanel-indicator-ayatana or wingpanel-indicator-namarupa but none of them are working. I added this to the indicator-application.desktop file:


Manually started the indicator-application service, this was the output:


(process:4600): indicator-application-service-WARNING **: 19:54:31.377: Unable to get >watcher name 'org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher'

(process:4600): indicator-application-service-WARNING **: 19:54:31.377: Name Lost

Those wingpanel apps were supposed to fix this but for some reason they just aren't working.


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