Third party app icons (Discord, Steam, etc.) are not showing up in the tray portion of the top panel on Elementary OS 6 (Odin). Native icons like network, microphone, etc. work, just not third party indicators.

I believe an alternative was to use Lafydev's wingpanel-indicator-ayatana or wingpanel-indicator-namarupa but none of them are working. I added this to the indicator-application.desktop file:


Manually started the indicator-application service, this was the output:


(process:4600): indicator-application-service-WARNING **: 19:54:31.377: Unable to get >watcher name 'org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher'

(process:4600): indicator-application-service-WARNING **: 19:54:31.377: Name Lost

Those wingpanel apps were supposed to fix this but for some reason they just aren't working.

  • The most relatable problem ever for people using elementary OS who just want to show a couple lousy panel indicators. Been dealing with this ever since elementary 0.4.1.
    – Kevin E
    Jan 11 at 22:06
  • Did you install from the .debs provided by those projects, or build from source? If the latter is the case, then probably what you did (what I did, after trying several things) was forget --prefix=/usr on your meson build command. By default it will install to /usr/local, and I think the .so file needs to be in /usr instead. I didn't really dig into the details, but this little tweak fixed the problem for me.
    – Kevin E
    Jan 11 at 22:25

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The error message you're seeing is because two /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/indicator-application/indicator-application-services are running, and is not alone an indication of a problem.

Try this experiment to confirm:

$ pkill -ef indicator-application-service
indicator-appli killed (pid 74400)

$ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/indicator-application/indicator-application-service &
[1] 74577

$ /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/indicator-application/indicator-application-service

(process:74555): indicator-application-service-WARNING **: 17:01:41.731: Unable to get watcher name 'org.kde.StatusNotifierWatcher'

(process:74555): indicator-application-service-WARNING **: 17:01:41.731: Name Lost

That said, I'm now using elementary OS 7 (Horus), and both wingpanel-indicator-ayatana from Lafydev's (archived) repo and wingpanel-indicator-namarupa worked for me.

One thing to be careful of is not to forget --prefix=/usr from the meson build step in the install instructions of both repos (see my comment above).

It seems that libayatana.so installed by either project needs to be under /usr, namely in a path like /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/wingpanel, depending on your architecture. Without the explicit flag to meson build, it would be installed to /usr/local instead. I'm not too interested in the detai/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/wingpanells, but it probably comes down to some library search path in wingpanel, or some other part of the system.

As I recall, as long as the indicator-application-service had already been started (via ~/.config/autostart or whichever method you chose), a reboot wasn't even required. I think the build scripts restart wingpanel for you, or wingpanel restarts itself when it notices the new .so file—either way it was a very pleasant surprise.

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