I am using this chip and this is the reason I am not using linux i tried this on Ubuntu/Elementry OS / Zorin OS but it does not work.

If CSR 4.0 Is supported in Elementry OS it would be really cool.

This is the Chip/Dongle. CSR 4.0 Chip


  • Unfortunately a picture doesn’t have the 8 characters needed to answer your question accurately. Could you:(1) insert the device into an available USB port (2) open Terminal (3) type sudo lsusb (to list all USB devices) (4) edit your question to include the output. This will make it possible to answer your question 🤐
    – matigo
    Sep 8 '21 at 11:54
  • Your device does not work because it is most likely a clone
    – Maccer
    Sep 8 '21 at 19:20

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