I am using elementary OS freya.

How to share files and folders between host and guest in virtual box ?

elementary OS- Host / elementary OS- Guest

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  1. Install Guest Additions in virtual box.

    see here for Installation.

  2. Install extension pack. Download link. After installation, right-click on downloaded file and select open with Oracle VM virtual box


3.Create a folder in host

I will create a folder SHARE in home directory.

  1. Goto VirtualBox settings--> shared folders --> Adds new shared folder ( folder sign with green +)


Note: If the Virtual Machine already running, you will have make permanent option. If the Virtual Machine is not running already you will have only other two options. (I mentioned this point to avoid confusion, like, how his VBox has make permanent option o_O )

  1. Now open Virtual Machine (guest) then open terminal and run the command:

    sudo adduser [user_name] vboxsf
    sudo reboot

Example : sudo adduser ravan vboxsf

  1. Now open files --> file system --> media

    There you will have your SHARE folder.


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