How can I change the icon for an specified app? I have installed Dota 2 but it shows Steam icon instead of Dota 2 icon, the right Doat 2 icons is shown when the game is running but not in plank. How can I change or fix this?

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You can change the icon of dota 2 going to


and opening

Dota 2.desktop

with a text editor like gedit or scratch, change this line


to this


also, put this at the end of the file


and save the file.

If your dota 2 icon is a gear, you can install elementary community icons from https://github.com/mank319/elementaryPlus, follow the instructions there and you will have a nice dota 2 icon.

Sorry for my english.



One of my apps has a second, fuzzy icon in Plank. How can I workaround this?

  • I already have elementaryPlus installed (it's nice). I followed this steps to fix this github.com/mank319/elementaryPlus/issues/317 . But I still get a second icons when I run the app. I will give this solution a try. Thanks for your answer.
    – Gocht
    Commented Nov 11, 2015 at 14:53

I fixed this problem. Initially I wasn't able to find the Dota\ 2.desktop. When I try the solution mentioned here using MainMenu I lost my app. So I created a back-up and reinstall.

I was using elementaryPlus, and I found a nive Dota2 icons there, so I posted an issue with my problem and I got support.

After I reinstalled Dota2 I found the Dota\ 2.desktop file and I replace the line:




I hope this helps.


As of 2017, Steam doesn't create .desktop files for games.

Instead, create a file called "Dota 2.desktop" and use the following template:

[Desktop Entry] Name=Dota 2 GenericName=Steam game Comment=Play this game Exec=steam steam://rungameid/570 Icon=steam_icon_570 Terminal=false Type=Application Categories=Game;

Once this is saved, you can find it in the launcher. You can then keep it in the dock.

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