This was working yesterday when I installed,though I've done a bit of setup afterwards and now can't figure out why I'm not receiving notifications anymore. Even just running notify-send "Hello world!" in the terminal doesn't prompt anything. Any idea how I can troubleshoot?

  • Do you see any error messages in /var/log/syslog that might point to why the notification is not being seen?
    – matigo
    Aug 31 '21 at 2:28
  • I think that notify-send is disabled by default and apps should use a different API for notifications. Running notify-send also doesn't do anything for me, although I recieve notifications from apps correctly.
    – m93a
    Sep 10 '21 at 18:38

I have the same problem with this. I'm having notifications normally in the beggining but I don't know why days later I don't have more notifications from the panel, like volume up/down, bluetooth and the usual notifications.

In the configuration settings all notifications are activated and looks normal but doesn't show.

Some advice to restart this, please?


on my elementary os 6, the installation of "deepin screenshot" brokes the notifications. After uninstall of "deepin screenshot", the OS notifications are back. don't know the cause (lib conflicts, port problem, whatever.. ) and - notify-send "Hello world!" is working, too

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