I purchased Elementary and I have a problem:

Can you help please?


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I tried it and confirmed that when you click on the flatpak link and choose "Open with Sideload", it hangs forever. You need to install it using the command line.

  • Download the flatpak using "Save as…".
  • Open Terminal and do flatpak install /path/to/flatpak. For example, if you saved it to your Downloads folder, you would do flatpak install ~/Downloads/chirp-daily-DATE.flatpak.
  • There will be a few prompts, in Terminal and in pop-up dialogs, to enter your password and install runtimes. This is what you should see:

Screenshot of Chirp flatpak being installed from the command line.

You can uninstall it with flatpak uninstall com.danplanet.chirp and then flatpak uninstall --unused to remove the extra stuff. Hope this helps!

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