I want to set an alias so that I can swiftly log in to one of my workstations. For example, I must enter

ssh [email protected]

to log in to one of my machines. Sometimes, the hostname could be c1232-node2 or c1232-node3, but the domain name would always be example.com.

I want to add the alias permanently in my .zshrc file so that I need not set it every time I open the terminal.

I did my research, and I was successful using a function such as below:

ssh_node() { ssh root@"$1".example.com; }

But when I add this function into my .zshrc and run the source command on it, it complains and doesn't accept the function.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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So dumb of me. I achieved my goal by adding this line to the .zshrc:

cluster() { ssh root@"$1".example.com; }

And then did a

source .zshrc

Running cluster c1232-node3 executes ssh [email protected]. Mission complete!

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