On EOS6, suspend is broken on my laptop. After suspending (either by closing the laptop lid or remaining idle), the login screen appears as expected, but then the desktop disappears on login. I can activate multitasking view with the touchpad gestures or keyboard shortcut and the wallpaper and various desktops appear, but disappear again to a gray screen if I leave multitasking view. The only way to get back to a regular desktop is to force the laptop to power off by holding down the power button and then reboot.

  • Same issue here. Force powering off sucks especially when I have unsaved work. Are you using external monitor by chance? Add your hardware information just in case we can find a link. I'm on a 2015 13" Macbook Pro. Aug 13 at 17:18
  • No external monitor, just the laptop screen. It's an Acer Aspire E15. It has a Geforce 940MX if that makes any difference. Thankfully it's not my primary computer, I also have a PC and don't ever need it to suspend. For now I'm just keeping it plugged in and have suspend disabled while plugged in. Aug 14 at 21:42

I can not help, but confirm I have the same issue on an old ThinkPad T420.

I deactivated automatic suspension for now and always shut down the Laptop fully.

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    Oddly enough I never had this issue on Hera. Hopefully it's addressed soon! I've had a few small gripes with Odin but overall it's been solid. Aug 12 at 0:07

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