First I has problem with busybox,

Today my Asus laptop (ultrabook ux21A asus) keep ask to log in at terminal. And I can not use my Hera as this far. enter image description here

thanks advance for your help.

  • You installed something that broke the graphical interface. The only solution is to revert that package. Otherwise you'd need to backup your data and do a full reinstall.
    – Maccer
    Aug 11 at 8:41
  • thanks for solution, I a new user for linux, please guide me how to backup my data? since I can not move from terminal? everything black. anyway I use Elementary OS 5.1.7
    – Arda
    Aug 11 at 9:10
  • Do you have the USB stick or DVD from which you installed elementary? You can load it and copy the files that you need.
    – Maccer
    Aug 11 at 10:13
  • yes i have a usb, but i can't access the normal screen, when i turn on the laptop, i can only see a black terminal like the picture above, but the linux logo appeared before
    – Arda
    Aug 11 at 10:24
  • You need to plug in the usb, turn on the laptop and press F12 quickly (multiple times) until you see the selector to boot from the USB.
    – Maccer
    Aug 11 at 10:29

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