In Beta 2 there was a ton of software available from AppCenter. For example Inkscape or Gimp. However in stable only those few curated apps are showing. How can I enable AppCenter to show the rest?

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    Try sideloading something from FlatHub, as described here.
    – m93a
    Aug 11, 2021 at 12:13

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.deb packages can be installed in the console with dpkg -i

Flatpaks can be downloaded from the Flathub. After installing one flatpak from there, all other available flatpaks will show up in the App Center.

  • Thank you for that information. I am aware of other possibilities to install software, I was just wondering if this was either a terrible political decision (which Daniel confirmed to me on reddit in the meantime) or simply a misconfiguration/bug on my side. In the end, while I do understand the decision I feel like it is pushing back the out-of-the-box experience in eOS by far. Curated or not, Apps that could be there should be there in my opinion.
    – supaeasy
    Aug 12, 2021 at 4:19

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