So basically I have noticed that the keyboard layout was not set up correctly, and this possibly happened before I have set up the encryptor. I don't want to turn off the computer until I find a way to make it sure that the password was written correctly, I don't want to get locked out (even though I could eventually guess the password, because max two characters were swapped, but idk how many guesses the encryptor gives me).

Or is there a way to like disable this completely? That would be the best because I though this is the same as a user account, and thats the onl reason I have set it up

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There is a CLI Way of doing it but, I recommend the GUI Way as it is easier and prevents human error.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Install GNOME Disks (Preinstalled in ubuntu but not on elmentary) by executing sudo apt install gnome-disk-utility in the terminal GNOME Disks Install

  2. Open Disks from the Applications Menu and selected the LVM2 Partition (Highlighted Below) GNOME D1

  3. Click the small settings-gear icon and click change passphrase to change your encryption password GNOME D2

  4. Completed

P.S. Change Passphrase is disabled in the below screenshot as my drive is unencrypted.

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