As a Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS user on a Samsung ATIV-Ultrabook I wanted to try elementary OS Freya as a possible alternative as it already includes the necessary wireless drivers.

When using my Vodafone ZTE K3805-Z with Ubuntu I have to type sudo ifconfig -arp in order to have a working internet connection. If I try this using the USB-stick-booted elementary OS Freya the WiFi menu in the upper right edge disappears until reboot - and no internet connection...

Will I be able to use it with a special "hack" or do I have to take Luna ?

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I can't find a real sollution right now, but you could try automatically running the command at startup.

To do this, open Switchboard (the settings app) and click on 'Applications'. switchboard

Then, you have to click on 'Startup' and after that, on the '+' sign in the bottom left corner. Copy and paste 'sudo ifconfig -arp' (without quotes!) in the box next to the wrench.

enter image description here

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