I see the new Elementary OS 6 is making extensive use of flatpak, however I have a huge question. How will this handle teh use of of flatpak components.

I have two examples. I loaded flathub on my system and set it use as system and not user. Installed Ardour DAW and also some lv2 plugins. The LV2 plugins are installed over at /usr/local/share and usr/local/bin

Ardour does not detect them at all.

In another case. I also make use of kdenlive. This is also installed as a system app. In the environment variables I have to set up additional software to handle audio editing and image manipulation. There we set Gimp and Audacity. Both of these are also setup as flatpak applications, however kdenlive does not recognize anything outside of its container environment. So how do I allow it to see audacity and gimp?

Would really enjoy some advice on the best road forward with this.

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