After the last updates available by the system in the application center, I think he formatted it on my computer. When I accessed it again, he sent this message that follows in the image. However, when I closed the message to save my files and programs, they had already been deleted. Now when I enter the system, the top bar for searching the apps, as well as the buttons for turning off, no longer appear. I also have difficulty opening applications that are installed by default, they close on their own.

I couldn't even send the question for him, because when I uploaded the photos to send here, I couldn't access the 'files' folder and I had to disconnect by pulling the plug):

What should I do? Help me please ):

Use elementary OS 5.1.7 Hera enter image description here enter image description here

  • I noticed that what happened was that I created a second account, and put it to connect automatically, so the impression that it had been formatted. However, the questions remain, because, the top bar, I can't access or use this profile, because the applications do not open. May 10 '21 at 19:29

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