I've been using Elementary Odin (6) early access for a few days. I'm impressed with the quality of the system! IMHO it is extremely stable!

Anyway, my workflow is pretty keyboard-centric, and my previous Elementary version (Juno), I had two custom shortcuts for both enabling Do not disturb and opening the Notifications widget.

For the activate-do-not-disturb shortcut, I create a custom shell bin with the following code

dconf write $KEY $(if [ $(dconf read $KEY) = 'true' ]; then echo false; else echo true; fi)

And added the call to that bin in my Shortcuts panel in the system settings as a custom shortcut for a given key.

Also, for the open widgets panel shortcut, I simply add the following command as a custom shortcut:

wingpanel -o messages

Both commands are not working in Elementary Odin, but working in Juno (my notebook still uses Juno).

How can I fix that? I imagine that those commands changed, since in the terminal I can't call the wingpanel command.

Thanks in advance!

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