On my elementary OS 5.1.7 laptop, somehow the Powerline fonts are broken, whereas on my desktop, they are not. Here are pictures from my laptop of tmux and nvim:

enter image description here

enter image description here

I have reinstalled the fonts-powerline package and have made sure I have no overrides in ~/ or in /etc/fonts, but the symbols are broken as you can see. My elementary OS desktop, running the same version, does not have the same problem. I have also run sudo fc-cache --verbose --really-force, and no dice.

What can I try to resolve this issue?

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I'm not sure why I had to do this but I manually edited dconf to set the font. You can use the dconf-editor utility from that same package, or:

dconf write /io/elementary/terminal/settings/font '"Roboto Mono for Powerline 10"'

And yes, you need the strange double quoting, it uses GVariant format so it needs strings formatted like this.

My understanding was that fonts-powerline patched the fonts, but this works so I'm going to stop pursuing ghosts.

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