Very new to elementary Os and linux in general. I have an hp bs661tx laptop with realtek RTL8723DE wireless adaptor.

So, I installed elementary a couple of days ago and found it very nice, except that my wifi speed was ridiculously low, as in 0.3 Mbps instead of 45 Mbps. I installed whatever drivers I could find, tried a lot of threads, did a lot of things they said but nothing worked until someone mentioned the word 'channels' somewhere. So I went to my router settings, changed my WLAN channel from auto to 13 and speeds suddenly increased to around 30Mbps. I thought that's it.

But when I started up my pc next time, it was back to 0.3 Mbps. So I changed the channels from 13 to 11. Speeds went up but again, only for that session.

So the thing is that for some reason, I have to change my channel configuration every time I start up to get some speed. It is still not quite the 45 Mbps I should have, but its way better than 0.3Mbps. Why is it happening? How to not be bothered by it again and again?

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