I can't find a driver for this adapter model

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TP-Link does not provide any official drivers for Linux-based operating systems. They do have a download page for the T4U, but the kernel support is limited to 2.6.18 to 4.11. Newer kernels are not at all supported.

That said, you may be able to get by with one of the open drivers. This will be 100% dependent on the chipset in your T4u, though.

If your network adapter is using the RTL8812AU chipset, then this driver from thelinuxguy should work for you.

If you have a European model, which may use the RTL8822A chipset, then you'll need to find something that works. Unfortunately I do not have any experience with that specific chipset, so do not know where you can find a driver.


https://gist.github.com/primaryobjects/f723b966d5f42094619f9c1048c7838b For tp-link archer t4u plus v1.0 (European edition I suppose) this solution worked for me on Ubuntu.

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