I build elementary-daily-6.0.iso, the install process is OK. But when I restart my computer and choose to boot from hdd, grub cannot work well to boot elementary and go into the grub shell.

When I installed elementary, my partion is: sda1, EFI partition sda2, ext4 /boot sda3, swap sda4, ext4 / And I installed the grub in /dev/sda.

However, after installation, the initial $root in the grub is "hd0, gpt1", and it is EFI partition. So that the grub cannot find the kernel and the initrd. If I set $root as "hd0, gpt2", and use to linux, initrd and boot, I can boot elementary to desktop successfully.

After I boot elementary successfully, I can reinstall grub to resolve this problem.

My question is why the installer cannot install grub correctly.

Hope your answer. Thank you!

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