where to start... I messed around with the libc6 version because I wanted to install ungoogled chromium. Now the system enters some kind of loop after I entered the encryption password - the screen flickers slightly but mainly stays black. When trying to enter the other ttys, I just get a "invalid login" message regardless of which username is used (root, admin etc). So I tried the recovery, which seems to be useless, too, because of the missing libc6. This results in not beeing able to enter root terminal or start the network in order to fix the broken packages. I am out of options now. Maybe anyone here is able to help me?

  • Ok, I was able to login, using the grub edit and adding "rw init=/bin/bash" to the linux line. But now I just ran into some kind of vicious circle. To replace the actual libc6 version with the old one, I need the libcrypt.so.1, which seems to be missing. But to install the libcrypt.so.1, I need libc6 <= 2.28. :3
    – MrTotoro
    Apr 19 at 11:40

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