i've just installed elementary os on my laptop as my only os and i get no sond from the built-in speakers. But the sound works perfectly in my wireless earbuds. I think it's a problem of drivers because I've tried several linux distros on this laptop and all have the same issue. I am very new to linux so any help would be massively appreciated.

  • You may have to install it, but open pavucontrol and poke around inside that to see if the internal speakers are muted. To install, it's sudo apt install pavucontrol and then just pavucontrol in the terminal once it is installed. It may be already installed.
    – KGIII
    Apr 19 at 20:48
  • I've installed it. Checked, the audio is not muted, in the "output" option I only see "dummy output", I've clicked a random video on youtube and it shows that the sound-bar is moving, but in reality I don't hear any sound Apr 21 at 17:41
  • For future reference, checking to see if it's muted is a good first step in debugging this problem. You can next try sudo alsa force-reload and then rebooting. It may appear to hang, so give it like 5 minutes and then press CTRL + C to stop it.
    – KGIII
    Apr 21 at 18:07

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