I am experiencing the dreaded "wake from suspend" issues that seem endemic to Linux and laptops, and am basically going through a long list of different solutions googling has gotten me to see if they work. One such solution is to downgrade my kernel to a previous version in GRUB and see if that works. I'm currently running 5.4.0-70-generic and Grub gives me the option of booting into 5.4.0-42-generic, which doesn't change the issue; I'd like to download the last several supported kernels and basically just boot into them one after another and see if any of them fix it. Is there a list somewhere/source of the previous ubuntu kernels that are still supported by elementary?

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I was experiencing the same issue on my PC (not on laptop). I fixed it but I did not downgrade kernel. What I did I changed some settings on my motherboard (MSI X570)

MSI motherboard has two nice settings:

  1. UEFI HDD BBS Prioretise: I set default to Ubuntu (previously was Windows 10) (I have both systems on my PC)
  2. Advanced / Wake Up event setup: I set to BIOS and enabled: Resume by UBS, Resume by Keyboard, Resume by Mouse

But before that - when I tried to wake up my system after suspending I was pressing CTRL+ALT+F1 and then CTRL+ALT+F7 few times and it mostly gave me positive results. I was able to start working and I was not forced to restart system.

Now, when I want to suspend Elementary OS I press a FN+F12 (FN = function key) and to wake up I press just a PrintScreen key

  • Oh nice! I actually ended up UPGRADING to a later kernel after finding a mention online that it worked well with my specific laptop, and that helped me. I'm glad to see other solutions!
    – mark
    Mar 31 at 17:10

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