the menu bars (and a bit more) of some programs/apps are unresponsive since a design overhaul of them. E.g. KeepassXC or Jabref use a different menu bar than the "standard"-looking menu bar on e.g. Firefox or older Software. The new menu bars look designwise not that different from each other, so I think my problem has something to do with a missing dependency or setting. The menu bars are unresponsive to clicks. Also the UI of the apps is mostly unresponsive i.e. some functions still work but mostly all right-click dropdowns etc. don't pop up. This only happens for these new designed apps like KeepassXC and Jabref. Unfortunately I don't know what they are using for their UI and how to reinstall it. I say reinstall because while investigating my problem, I noticed that I don't experience the problem when I create a new elementary user. So it has to be a user-specific setting which is missing/wrong or anything.

I already tried to reinstall elementary-desktop, gala, xorg. Checked for dependencies and broken packages. I already used the restore default settings button in system settings > about. If nothing works I am forced to switch to a new user. But I would rather just repair my old user.

Thanks if you can help.

PS: I tried several versions of the mentioned apps from different sources.

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