Although pantheon-terminal does actually appear to be applying colours to filenames, it is not those defined in $LS_COLORS. For example ls should display executable files as bright green (ex=01;32), though is instead using a barely visible gray.

I understand if the UX designers wish to apply a separate colour scheme in pantheon-terminal to blend better with the rest of the interface, though the colours getting applied now are unworkable. To test yourself view the output of ls /bin in both a pantheon-terminal and a VT (Ctrl+Alt+F1). In the pantheon-terminal selecting the text with a cursor will show a silhouette of the 'missing' text. Colours are displayed correctly in the VT.

pantheon-terminal ls example

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Ahh. I found the palette key located in dconf tools, in


Clicking Set to Default has made the colours much nicer. You can also run this command:

gsettings reset org.pantheon.terminal.settings palette

I'm not sure why this was necessary as I've never changed any of these settings before. Either way it works great now.

Edit: In hindsight I suspect this was caused by elementary tweaks.

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