Is there a high-level answer about where I should be looking, or alternatively, is highlight colour a detail without an obvious interface, that can be explained?

I would like to change my default highlight colour in LibreOffice Writer (LOW), and my reading confirms LOW uses a default system highlight colour that cannot be modified within the application. Currently, my LOW default is a pale grey on white ground that's like Where's Waldo when searching or editing. I don't see that pale on grey combination elsewhere, and every application appears different, which tells me applications typically handle their own environments. I didn't find:

  • an eOS graphic interface regarding system themes or colour settings, should there be something already available or expected
  • any detail within Gnome Color Chooser that had an effect
  • the term "highlight" searching dconf Editor, and common search terms like "color" return many results that I'm not confident interpreting

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