There are two baked-in calendars that can't be deleted, Personal and Anniversaries... I can edit name/colour/default in both. Considering Anniversaries, it appears in the event edit pull down list only if toggled as default, but both states are unselectable. If I can't get rid of it, I'll use it, but it appears to be unavailable. Is there an explanation for this? Workaround is to ensure it's not default and ignore it in the "On this computer" calendars list.

  • A note about defaults: If you open Calendar with the two baked-in calendars, things seem oddly inconsistent because an unusable Anniversaries means there's only one calendar. The event editor does a modal thing and removes the calendar selection menu. To experiment, best to create a couple of disposable calendars to require a filled list.
    – SkyHook
    Feb 25 '21 at 6:24

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