Hi there I followed the instructions to make am install drive on a USB stick using Etcher. Had no problems creating however when I attempt to boot (I'm on OS X 11.2.1 Big Sur) and Elementary doesn't boot up. I see two EFI disks, neither of which boot. Is there anything else I can try, the instructions mention burning a disk which seems quite outdated, who actually uses a DVD burner anymore?

Thanks for the kind help and suggestions!

  • I'm curious as to whether or not you will dual boot?
    – Rex Miller
    Feb 19 at 9:22

Here you can find the most recent state of Macbook support under linux.

Your model, according to Apple website is MacBookPro16,1 or MacBookPro16,4.

Supossing your model is MacBookPro16,1. On the github site it specifies:

The MacBookPro16,1 currently requires a 5.6-RC kernel and the latest amdgpu drivers.

So I think the issue is that you don't get screen output. Possible solutions involve installing this amdgpu driver manually and updating to a mainline kernel.

Try to boot into any elementary option and press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to open a tty ( console view). Login with your user credentials ( login = your username) and execute sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall. The root password is the same as your password usually.

To install the required kernel, the easiest way is to reboot and do it manually.

Go to the mainline 5.6-RC website and download from the AMD64 version the debs in the 1st, 2nd, 4th,and 6th line (the generic versions basically). Then install all of them with sudo apt install ./li*.deb. Make sure you open a terminal in the same folder as your files.

For any other issue please refer to the linked github site.

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    Thanks for the fantastic info, I'll give my 16,1 MacBook a test and see if I can get it up and running. Feb 22 at 17:27

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