I'm considering installing eOS 5.1 (hera) on a Dell server. I don't want to go down the path of wiping everything on my disks and then discovering that there are incompatibilities. I already did that with CentOS and Ubuntu 20.04. I'm currently running LXLE, which is an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS base with an xfce desktop. So, doing my "due diligence" I have tried the following

  • Running the live USB on a Macbook Air
  • Running the live USB on my Dell server
  • Building and running a VMware VM from the eOS .iso

Of critical importance to me is the ability the remote in using RDP. To that end, I have installed xrdp (v.0.9.15) on each and every one, and have yet to be able to arrive at the desktop (I am currently using xrdp for my LXLE). So far...

  • The live USB on Mac won't see my wireless card, and I can't connect to my LAN
  • The live USB on the server sees my Enet connection, but then balks at xrdp
  • The VM locks up on the login screen. The click updates correctly, but no mouse or keyboard input is detected. Further, I can't send CTRL-ALT-F1 (Option key is ALT on a Mac) with any results.

So, for all intents and purposes, I have now tried three different approaches and have missed the pitch all three times. That's a strike out in baseball. Am I wasting my time, and should I look for another distro to use?

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Related to RDP, "Remmina Remote Desktop Client" works on ElementaryOS very well!


Genuinely, avoid ElementaryOS if you need RDP - it's not compatible "out of the box" with anything that I have found except x11vnc (that's what I'm using and I'm connecting to a dell 1950)

The issue seems to be Pantheon itself.

If you do want to go down the x11vnc route, this is what I did on 5.1


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