A while ago I was working with a remote environment and I decided to bookmark it in Pantheon-Files app. I inserted my username and password and I marked the "Keep it forever" box so I don't have to introduce it again.

The problem: I have forgotten the password and I need it so badly now.

Is there anyway to discover what was my password? Since the sftp connection works I guess it must be stored somewhere. But where?

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The password is stored in your login keyring. The easiest way to find it is with GNOME Seahorse.

  1. Install Seahorse from AppCenter.

Seahorse in AppCenter

  1. Open the application from AppCenter or open the Passwords and Keys application from the Applications Menu.

Seahorse Application Window

  1. Click the Login bookmark on the left under Passwords.

  2. Find your login which should be marked as a Network password.

Seahorse Login Keys List

  1. Right click the entry and select properties.

Seahorse SSH Key Properties Dialog

  1. From the properties dialog, expand the password field.

Seahorse SSH Key Properties Dialog Expanded Password

  1. Check the box Show password to reveal your password.

Seahorse SSH Key Properties Dialog Show Password

  • Wow!! It worked!! The password was there all this time!! Thank you so much for the answer, it was a nice mini- tutorial!
    – Cat-Mouse
    Feb 13, 2021 at 15:23

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