Is it possible to apply for access to the Public Beta of V6 when it becomes available? I run elementary OS on a VM Ware virtual machine on my iMac with great joy.

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You can run elementary OS 6 by joining the Early Access program and downloading a daily snapshot. One way to join is by becoming a GitHub sponsor.


I don't believe there is an application process. Anyone who wants to should be able to access the beta when it is released, if my understanding is correct.

As pion answered, you can easily get access to elementary OS 6 right now through the Early Access Program by becoming a GitHub sponsor of the project. You are also welcome to otherwise build your own elementary OS 6 images or configure an Ubuntu 20.04 system with elementary's PPA's and the necessary packages.

  • Others should able to download beta anytime, sponsored users should get automatic notification. Donation is a good thing, restricting access is not.
    – shantanu
    Apr 5, 2021 at 15:47

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