I have a late 2009 Mac Book Pro that cannot perform a macOS re-install.

Can I create a USB install image on a Windows 10 PC that will then boot and install elementary OS on the MacBook Pro?

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Yes. The elementary OS installation instructions are available here. I recommend using Balena Etcher to flash the ISO on to the USB.

When you go to boot from the USB, you'll need to press and hold the left Option key after the startup chime. A menu will appear with attached disks to boot from. Select the USB drive to boot the elementary OS installer.

The Debian Wiki has helpful information for installing on Apple devices here, including several models of 2009 Macbook Pros. Macbook Pro models from 2009 have model numbers under MacbookPro5,x. You can also refer to this question about fixing WiFi after installing on a MacbookPro5,5.

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