The new elementary os comes with a driver for 8723de out of the box, which is great. But there is a problem of low speed. Changed ant_sel values for the standard driver, didn't help. Installed the drivers from git rtl88 and now the speed improves when changing the antenna.

But how to save the new value if /etc/modprobe.d/rtw_8723de.conf does not exist.

Just in case

lsmod | grep rtw
rtw_8723de 16384 0
rtw_8723d 53248 1 rtw_8723de
rtw_pci 24576 1 rtw_8723de
rtw_core 172032 2 rtw_8723d, rtw_pci
mac80211 851968 2 rtw_core, rtw_pci
cfg80211 712704 2 rtw_core, mac80211

Or how delete all wi-fi drivers maybe best is delete and install drivers as i usuall install

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