first of all I hope I have followed all the rules correctly and my post explains the problem I am facing clearly (I am not a native English speaker, plus I'm a complete linux newbie).

I have a Lenovo Ideapad Miix 310, processor Intel Atom Cherrytrail, 4gb of ram, 64gb EMMC and it came with Windows 10 out of the box. Performance-wise, using it has become unbearable, so I switched over to Elementary OS and I was pleased everything worked out of the box.

Unfortunately, I've been having a problem with sound: after a couple of updates, Chromium started not playing any sound so I had to switch to Firefox, furthermore, every time I booted my laptop I had to open audio settings and switch from speakers to headphones if I was planning to use my headphones.

Now there is absolutely no option to choose internal speakers or my sound card or whatever, everything just kind of disappeared, even testing my speaker doesn't work because it doesn't detect them at all.

I hope I have explained my problem clearly, sorry if I made any mistake.

  • I got the same problem. I installed it 2 weeks ago and the os couldn't recognize my laptop speakers (Lenovo ideapad5i) or headphones (HP Omen). Did you find a solution?
    – Julio
    Mar 28 '21 at 1:02

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