I'm using Lenovo Y530 (hybrid GPU) with dual monitor.

When i lock the screen, the music/playback video stops, my keyboard back-light turns off as if I rebooted the device.

Major issues comes from chrome; when i re-login the screen freezes/gives black screen/lags.

  • I thought it is a chrome issue, i used chromium and the issue remained.
  • I tried to check NVIDIA card if it is resetting any settings or playing around but i found nothing. the issue can be resolved by closing and reopening chrome again.
  • I totally disconnected the second screen (which turns off NVIDIA as NVIDIA is hard wired to the HDMI only) and tried to re-login and check if the issue persisted and it did.

I have no physical clue that this issue is from elementary OS but I think it is.

PS: it is similar to this issue but not identical.

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