So I just got a fresh install of Elementary OS and wanted to get myself Virtual Studio Code which is the editor I used back when I had Windows. Googled a how to and did the following (in terminal):

sudo apt update
sudo apt install snapd
sudo snap install code --classic

All went well and the terminal said that vscode has been installed, but I cannot find the actual applicattion anywhere in the applications section. What can I do? Thank you!

UPDATE : Restarted the pc and the app appeared :/ Does this always happen with Elementary ?

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This is more a snap thing than an eOS thing. In other words, I've seen the same behavior on other operating systems where I'd installed snaps.

Here is a thread with a bunch of people who had issues getting snaps to show. In my experience, it generally appears in the menus after a reboot (or logging off and back in again) - so long as it was shipped with a proper .desktop file.

Always? No, probably not always. Frequently? Surely it is, if you plan on installing many snaps. For example, see this particular comment from the above linked thread, where they only see their snaps after they logoff and then login again.

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