I just installed Elementary OS to program mainly because of its editor simplicity. However I don't know how to transform it into an IDE for C++.

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You can try this: https://quickfever.com/how-to-setup-c-plus-plus-development-environment-in-linux/. Elementary OS is a derivative of Ubuntu so you may have success with this method.


I think you need to compile via CLI (Terminal), or use an IDE that's integrated with C++. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24109/c-ide-for-linux


In the Code app's settings, enable the terminal view. After that, you can freely use can compile your C++ code in the terminal using the CLI. The gcc command for the GCC compiler should be available for you to use, out of the box.

If you wanted something that wanted a more extensible solution with plugins that you download to enable more functionality, I think that Sublime Text or Visual Studio Code are better options.


You may use the "terminal extension" on elementary code also you can run the following command:

gcc -o test testfile.cpp 

This can create an executable called test.

Hope this can help.

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