I installed elementary hera on my laptop and today I tried to plug in an external monitor to use as an extended display but the monitor is not being detected. Going into settings > display > detect does not work. On running the "xrandr" command "HDMI-1 disconnected shows up". I tried a solution which was to use lightdm instead of gdm3. The cables on the monitor work, I tried those on a different laptop. I have an i3-5010U and the graphics driver is Intel HD Graphics 5500. The display doesn't work on Windows 10 too (if that is something to be considered).

  • Some laptops require you press a key/key combination to enable (send a signal to) an external monitor. It's usually an Fn key and the graphic looks kinda like a small TV. Try that - and it may also require the shift key be pressed but not normally. – KGIII Sep 25 at 22:17

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