I’m trying to dual boot elementary os and I’m having multiple problems... First of all when I try to boot from the usb it tells me to wait 10seconds or press enter and after that it glitches, by showing me this: enter image description here

Then after a lot of key pressing and testing I found out that if I spam Del and press the power button on my pc I go to the initial installation page. So I install it.. It boots up and it "works". When I try to open the default web browser, it just doesn’t. Also sometimes when I open apps or even stay in idle it just locks the screen(I’m not sure if it locks or log out).. I’ve installed nvidia-drivers-450 and still does the same thing. Rebooting the computer takes me back to the grub booting, I select elementary and still same thing as when installing I get the "glitch" screen. Windows works correctly.. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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