I have just installed Hera on an Acer c720 chromebook and for the most part everything works well. One exception is that right-clicking does not work for my USB Microsoft Mouse. Two-finger tapping on the touchpad does work for right-click actions. Anyone have an answer to this problem or troubleshooting/diagnostic steps I should take?



Thanks Andrew for your response and anyone else who considered my question. I'm embarrassed to confess that it turned out to be weak batteries that were the culprit. It seemed like too specific a problem to be caused by that, but yet it was...


  • Seems like a driver issue. Check the model of the mouse's Linux drivers. If you can't figure it out post output of lsusb here and I can try to find the driver for you. Not everything is Linux compatible though. – Andrew Delphiki Sep 27 '20 at 16:26

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