Just installed on a xps l502x and after the logo slash screen it show a blinking cursor and thats it the "try" on usb worked fine Ctrl+alt+f4 open the login line only nothing more, Ctrl+alt+del restart the laptop, any way to fix it? I searched here and found nothing as usual couse my bios don't have secure boot becouse it's an old laptop and it's not uefi bios either.

fix it- reinstalling the os with the auto login option worked as well, but for the actual problem probably did not get fixed the steps I took was

1-reboot to the USB

2- DO NOT ENTER "TRY ELEMENTARY OS" it will couse the same bug again, just install

3- select the download from third part etc..(I think is the nvidea the culprit here)

4 -reboot and wait, the first boot take some time. enjoy

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