I am using Hera. The installation software provides two orange EFI 'disks'. For previous installation attempts (to iron out problems), I had chosen the first 'disk'. my laptop would hang at any attempt to bring it out of suspend mode when closing and opening the lid. Suspension via the Power Button did not work. My present installation was made using the second 'disk'. Suspend works when I press the Power Button, but only after a certain amount of time has elapsed; before then, the laptop hangs and I have to do a hard reset. Suspend does not work with lid of the laptop. More precisely, the laptop does not 'wake' when the lid is lifted, either immediately, or after some time (10 minutes, or more); I have to perform a hard reset.

Other posts have enquired about the same issue, with regard to earlier versions of elementaryOS. Investigations and solutions looked at modifying processes, edits via the kernel command line, ckecking the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface and other areas that require knowledge of operating system, and kernel, programme design.

I have spent many days (weeks) trying to find a solution to the problem. Having to reinstall the system after each attempt is becoming tiresome. How might this issue be resolved?

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