My wife is a mac user, and her computer died unexpectedly.

I am on Hera 5.1.7 using an HP probook 6450b. it's old, but its my best computer.

She has been STRUGGGLING to get Japanese input methods and layouts and now she's done something [Backspace] is producing a "]"instead of removing a character. I fixed it, but she is done trying and is using her phone for an online class in japanese (not ideal).

I tried to see what I could do, even creating a user with the japanese language UI, but the input is still in latin characters... Even more bizarre, typing "code" in the Applications Menu shows Terminal. Maybe this is because I don't have a Japanese input method (there are 3) yet

I tried a method that involved installing ibus-anthy, but that didn't work.

I am desperate.

Please help

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