I sighed up to be a sponsor today. 10.00 tier. I have been a user for sometime and finally bit the bullet and became a sponsor. I did the 10.00 tier to get early access. But it's been hours and I still get get access to the sponsor release. Could not find an easy way to contact someone about it. So, here I am. Can someone please assist?


  • ... can't get access. not "... still get get..." sigh.. been a long day. – David Ferguson Sep 14 at 1:31
  • Are you a "private" sponsor? Reading this, I think your sponsorship has to be marked as public for it to work: github.com/elementary/builds/issues/28 If you're still having issues after that, I'd recommend opening a new issue on the linked github page. It's more likely to get attention than this. – David Hewitt Sep 14 at 8:19

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