To save my eyes I have RedShift installed but everytime I delete something it momentarily switches off and back on again. Is this something I can sort out at this end?

Thanks for any help, Duncan

Freya 0.3.1 64-bit Dell Optiplex 745


I had this issue on Loki as well. It is fixable by installing the newest version from github. Click clone or download and download as a zip file. I built it using the instructions in HACKING.md. You'll have to install the prerequisites. Once it was installed I copied the sample ~/.config/redshift.conf from AUR. Google the latitude and longitude in your location and change that in the conf file. I also put a ; in front of:


I was getting an error about randr, and with the manual longitude/latitude setup randr isn't needed. It's a bit of work, and requires making a new .desktop file, easy with an app like alacarte, but redshift doesn't glitch on me now.

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