I have a Dell Vostro 5590 with Intel 9560 NGW network chipset.

I had a problem where my WiFi card wasn't being recognized by Elementary OS Hera (5.1), used this question in order to get it recognized (installing the backport-iwlwifi-dkms as adviced). However, now I have two issues:

  1. I have a low bandwidth, since the connection itself is poor, and I get errors loading pages.
  2. I cannot connect an external WiFi card, which I could have done before.

Since it is already running Kernel Version higher than 5.3 (5.4.0-45-generic), the kernel issue doesn't seems to be the problem.

The computer itself shipped with OEM Ubuntu 18.04, and it worked fine with that and Kubuntu 18.04. I had no bandwidth issues with the built-in chipset on these.

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