For the past week or two, since the last system updates installed, Firefox (79.0) does not remember any history even whet set to do so. More importantly, I cannot add new bookmarks: whether I click on the add-bookmark star icon or use the keyboard command (Ctrl+D), it results in no action at all. Also, I am no longer able to resize the browser display other than toggling between maximize and the default "restore down" size: when I move the cursor over any edge of the display, it no longer becomes a double-sided arrow and no longer responds to the usual click-and-drag action to expand or reduce the size.

Has anyone else experienced glitches like these and been able to solve them?

The Elementary version I am running is 0.4.1 Loki.

  • Bear in mind that Firefox is not a part of elementary so this is not the right place for this question. However I advise you to create a new profile (from within about:profiles) and see if that profile has any issue. If that didn't solve the issue you may want to ask for support in a Firefox forum. Lastly, I'd like to mention that the latest version of elementary is 5.1.7 Hera, so you may want to upgrade. Best regards. – Maccer Aug 16 at 10:41

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