I seem to have fixed this issue and posting my answer below.

TLDR: this seems to be common problem with AMD machines.

I am stuck with a boot problem I struggle to narrow down:

  • I installed elementary OS on a new laptop*, after running on my old laptop no problem

  • Only difference is that I added drive encryption this time

Current behavior:

  • When booting, the system sometimes gets stuck after I enter the password for disk decryption.

  • In these cases, it takes me to a black screen with the white cursor, but stays there until I press the power button to restart - there is no error message I see, but some updates flash by very quickly (do not know how to slow them down)

  • This does not happen every time, and eventually the computer boots & works fine


--> I am really confused here regarding where to debug: does this potentially have to do the decryption part? Or the OS? And why is it not consistent?

--> Sometimes it will take me to the screen where I can pick between different Linux kernels / recovery mode: is this something I should adjust?

Any pointers are much appreciated, as I don't even know where to start on this one... Thanks!

*Lenovo T495, AMD® Ryzen™ 5 Pro 3500U, 24GB of RAM, 1TB Samsung SSD

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It appears that this is an Ubuntu / kernel issue with some newer AMD CPUs/GPUs, see e.g. here

Users describe intermittent boot fails, also behavior differing between running on battery vs plugged in .

This was fixed for me and other users by updating the kernel to 5.7.

Thought I would post this here in case useful.

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