I have a brand new MSI MODERN A10 with i7 10 and 2 gb geforce. It came without OS and i installed my OS of choice ELEMENTARY OS HERA that is based in UBUNTU 18.04.03 LTS.

Since the instaliont of the OS my 5g WIFI connection is unstable - and it is driving me crazy - i am in a 2 meters distance from my router, but 5g keeps droping and increseing speed and it is very unstalble (both in home or office). In use is intel AC wifi 9560 (i have the drivers instaled); mY KERNEL is 5.4.02 generic - I HAVE MANUALY edit the 5g connections,to the 36 channel and set it to use 5g;

So can you please give me some hints about this problem - i am using linux since 2012, and this is the fisrs time that this issues occurs.



  • So what i found about this problem - 5G - unstable, both in work and office.... The problem is (i don know how) related with the NVIDIA drivers that somehow affects my intel ac 9560 wifi card....after testing and reading - i am using nouveau drivers and the wifi is stable (around 200 mb in home and in 370 in my office) So can someone point out some directions to solve this issue. Thanks – ajadal Aug 24 at 22:58

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