So I have WSL-2 configured fully. Is there any way I can run elementary OS the same way Ubuntu runs on WSL? I don't want to use a VM nor the dual boot option so this looks like the only viable alternative. Thanks for the help in advance!


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I came across the following Gist on GitHub that may be of help:

Instructions on how to install a custom distro in WSL2 (Windows SubSystem for Linux 2)



Am going to try that for Elementary 6.1 on Win11 WSL2

Although installing pantheon on WSL2 Ubuntu seems the easier compared to this or creating elementary as a custom WSL2 distro


That works flawlessly. The last updated github stuff of Sailesh i mean.

Unzip and run elementary.exe OR do wsl --import thing. It's got Elementary 6. You have to apt install any stuff you need.

Will try installing gui/desktop similar to how its working for ubuntu.

Though TBH i guess MS has made both WSL & WSA in a way that we will start using any required Android/Linux apps just on the normal windows 11 desktop and slowly forget any Linux desktop or Android Launcher/Desktop/Home-Screen !

Though i have both with gui desktops, the desktop/launcher is actually only needed when you want to configure any stuff or just generally to check / explore stuff.

The very few apps i need from android & linux are better run just directly.

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